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Canada routinely ranks among the top countries to live in thanks to our world-class healthcare, top-notch education, booming economy, surplus job opportunities, low crime rates, and general quality of life. So, it stands to reason that people worldwide are looking to move to Canada for work, study, and better opportunities. And while numerous programs are available to hopeful applicants, the immigration system can be complicated to navigate, with several eligibility requirements to meet. If you’re looking to pursue an opportunity in Canada, you will benefit from the services of a consulting firm experienced in the Canadian immigration process.

Loft Immigration Services Inc. has over a decade of experience representing clients from around the world in Canadian immigration matters. As your consultants, we will offer resources, legal advice, and ongoing support as you seek to achieve the legal status you desire.


Do Foreign Students Need to Acquire Study Permits to Get an Education in Canada?

Canada’s schools, colleges, and universities are among the most highly regarded in the world. Young people worldwide come to Canada to pursue higher education. However, an international student cannot come to Canada and study without going through the proper immigration process. They must first obtain an acceptance letter from a Canadian school and then apply for a study permit.

Canada’s study permits grant foreign students the right to come to the country for education at their chosen university or college. The study permit also allows the student to work part-time while studying so they may better support themselves financially.

To ensure that you have the proper paperwork and documentation to apply for a study permit successfully, please contact the law firm of Loft Immigration Services Inc.

Client Success Stories

Can Foreign Workers Find Employment Working for a Canadian Business?

Our immigration law firm’s lawyers and legal staff are not solely dedicated to helping students and families come to Canada looking to build a better life. We understand that businesses and workers are also vital parts of Canadian immigration. Our consulting firm has years of experience assisting foreign workers either secure employment in Canada or accept the Canadian job offer they’ve gotten. We have also helped foreign entrepreneurs launch new businesses in Canada and provided expert guidance to foreign companies expanding their businesses or moving skilled employees via intra-company transfers.

Loft Immigration Services Inc. has a high success rate and is staffed by some of the most reputable immigration consultants in the country. As your consultants, we can provide the application management services, legal advice and networking necessary to help you achieve your business goals.

Schedule a free, zero-obligation appointment with a consultant at our office to discuss your business immigration plans today.


Can an Immigration Law Firm Help with Permanent Resident and Citizenship Applications?

While the first item on the agenda for most immigrants is obtaining a visa to allow them to enter Canada legally, many ex-pats ultimately have their hearts set on becoming permanent residents or Canadian citizens. There are many programs available by which immigrants can achieve these aims, including the quickest among them, the express entry visa.

Every visa program has its requirements, necessary paperwork, and application process. Just because you might be ineligible for one Canadian immigration program does not necessarily mean you won’t be eligible for the next one. As your immigration lawyers, we will review your case and help set you on the optimal path for obtaining your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship.


We offer a zero-obligation, free initial consultation to all prospective new clients. In this consult, we will give you an idea of the services and support we will provide as your legal representatives.

We go above and beyond for our clients so that they can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their case is in the right hands. We believe in providing personalized services based on the individual client’s needs, not some one-size-fits-all legal approach.

Our firm is blessed with talented legal minds with a wealth of experience. Our legal team includes one of the country’s foremost immigration consultants. Our wealth of knowledge is available to our clients through ongoing support, resources, and networking.

Canada is the image of national stability. We welcome new arrivals with the promise of opportunity for their families and businesses. We firmly believe we’re providing a service that will enrich your lives.

Our consulting firm has a sterling track record of success representing clients with unique cases in Canadian immigration matters. We are confident that we can help you in the pursuit of your goals.

Why Loft Immigration Services Inc?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Experienced Immigration Consultants for the Immigration Process?

Every country seems to have a reasonably complicated immigration process for those arriving in the country to work, study, or start a new life. And Canada is no different.

Many hopeful immigrants succumb to defeat and despair from unfortunate refusals, delays, or fears that they cannot meet the basic eligibility requirements. After all, the application process is complicated, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Some might even begin to question why they’re even doing this anymore.

It doesn’t have to be so dire, though.

We will make it our mission to guide you in pursuing the study permit, temporary worker visa, permanent residency status, or Canadian citizenship you are after. Loft Immigration Services is dedicated to helping you follow your dreams to the Great White North.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a PR Card?

A: A “PR Card” is the documentation that recognizes your status as a permanent resident of Canada. After receiving permanent residency in the country, you can eventually apply for Canadian citizenship after a number of years. For the Americans reading this site, a PR Card is similar to a Green Card.

A: Permanent residents of Canada enjoy most of the same benefits that its citizens do, with a few notable exceptions. Permanent residents cannot vote or hold public office. However, they are welcome to enjoy the benefits of Canada’s top-tier education, healthcare, employment opportunities, house ownership, and access to our picturesque natural beauty. Canada has a low crime rate and an above-average life expectancy. And the UN routinely ranks the country among the highest in the world in terms of living standards. All these benefits and more are available to permanent residents.

A: While you might like to think that your soon-to-be employer has the full authority to hire you for a job in Canada, unfortunately, they do not. Canadian employers are encouraged to hire unemployed Canadian workers before hiring employees from another country. However, there is not always a Canadian worker with the appropriate skills to fill a job opening. So, in those cases, it may become necessary to hire a foreign worker. In such cases, Canadian immigration will review the petition to hire a foreign worker to determine whether doing so will positively or negatively affect the Canadian economy and workforce. Those deemed to have adverse effects will not have permission to come to Canada for the job.

A: Waiting to hear back from your immigration application can be the hardest part of the whole ordeal. So, it hurts when the application seems needlessly delayed or refused by the immigration officer. Unfortunately, there may be many reasons why your application was denied, ranging from health concerns to issues verifying personal data. Fortunately, however, there are means by which you may attempt to fix things. You may request that the immigration officer review the application again and reconsider, as it’s possible that they made an error of judgment. Otherwise, you also have the option to appeal or petition for a judicial review.

A: Practically every immigrant hopeful will be subject to a test to determine their proficiency in either the English or French language. For English, you must undergo either the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to test your ability to read, write, speak, and understand spoken English. While it is not required that you speak English as though it was your native tongue, you must show the ability to understand and convey basic thoughts by using English words.

A: If you achieve permanent residency in Canada, your spouse will enjoy the same benefits as a permanent resident themselves. In addition to married partners, common-law partners also obtain a PR Card with their partner. If you have any children who are dependents under a certain age, they will also become permanent residents. They will enjoy the benefits of a free education up until high school. When you apply for a PR Card, you can make a joint application so that your partner and dependents receive the same benefits simultaneously.

A: When foreign workers come to Canada for employment, they may consider several different visa programs. Employer-specific permits allow a foreign worker to enter Canada under the express understanding that they are being hired temporarily by one particular employer for one specific job opportunity. When that job is finished, or the permit has expired, they are to return to their home country. On the other hand, open work permits grant skilled foreign workers to come to Canada for employment without being restricted to a single employer or job offer.

A: If Canadian immigration officers determine that you reside in the country illegally, they may issue a Canadian Departure Order. If you do not leave Canada under your own free will within 30 days of receiving your Departure Order, you will be given a Deportation Order. Those being deported because of reports of criminal activity, security issues, or human rights violations may also be permanently banned from returning to the country. Meanwhile, those who are being deported after overstaying an expired visa may be banned from returning for a year or two. In either case, you have the legal right to challenge these orders, and our Immigration Consultants can help.

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