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Refused & Delayed Application Lawyers in Toronto Helping Foreign Applicants Through the Appeals Process

Many foreign nationals dream of coming to Canada for the opportunities and benefit the country has come to represent. However, the journey to obtaining a visa or permanent residency is a complicated and drawn-out process. And unfortunately, many hopeful immigrants find their applications either delayed or refused outright.

If this has happened to you, please try not to despair. While your situation is unfortunate, that does not mean that it is insurmountable. If there were errors in your application, you may attempt to reapply. Additionally, there are means by which you can request reconsideration and appeal refusals or potentially speed up delays.

To ensure that your application has a better chance of approval, please consult with our law firm. Loft Immigration Services, Inc. has over a decade of experience assisting clients coming to Canada for employment, education, family, and improved quality of life experiences. Whatever the reason your application was refused or delayed, our immigration lawyers will review your case and offer knowledgeable legal guidance. Together, we will explore the options available to you and determine what is the most optimal means to secure the outcome you are after.

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What Are Common Reasons for Delayed Applications?

The plain and simple truth is that it can take a long time before your visa application is approved. That said, some visa applications take much longer, and there are reasons why that might be the case.

Common reasons why your visa application might be delayed include:

  • Failure to pay the necessary fees. The cost of applying for an immigration visa varies from program to program. If you do not provide adequate payment for your application, naturally, that application may be delayed. For information on how to pay missing fees, please consult our immigration lawyers.
  • Improper paperwork and documentation. All immigration applications require precise paperwork. Failure to provide the proper documents – or failing to sign those documents correctly – can result in applications being summarily refused. In general, these mistakes are simple oversights made by applicants who don’t realize the mistakes they’re making. However, Canadian immigration officers are always on the lookout for fraudulent applications from individuals who aim to ‘game’ the system via misrepresentation and falsified information.
  • Inability to verify identity or paperwork. When you submit your application, the Canadian immigration officer has to review and verify all your documentation. Sometimes, that process can take time. And in some rare cases, verifying the available data can be complicated. One of the reasons for this might be that the applicant recently changed their name. And other examples include complex financial data or complexities related to the country from which the applicant originates. It might be necessary to provide additional documentation to help verify your identity.
  • Refusals can result from the Canadian government determining that the applicant is not admissible based on recently discovered information about their finances, health, or past criminal activity. For those with discovered ties to serious, violent crimes or terrorist activity, these refusals may not come as a shock. However, a refusal can be a tragic blow for someone who, until recently, had no criminal past, a clean bill of health, and decent finances. The Canadian government will make the decision to refuse an applicant regardless, though, should that applicant’s health or finances suddenly deteriorate during the application review.

What Reasons Does Canada Immigration Have for Refusing Applications?

Those whose applications were refused or denied by the Canadian government may be in shock or despair. To better prepare for the possibility of such a denial, we suggest understanding some of the basic reasons why Canada turns away certain applicants.

Common reasons for visa refusals include:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the department responsible for approving immigrant visas, has been known to make mistakes.
  • Criminal history.
  • Failure to assure the immigration officer that you intend to honor the terms of your visa and leave the country when it eventually expires.
  • Failure to meet the basic eligibility requirements as laid out for each unique immigration program.
  • Failure to meet the financial requirements necessary for supporting yourself and your dependents while living in Canada.
  • Foreign workers hired for a job in Canada may be refused entry if the government believes the business should’ve hired unemployed Canadian workers instead.
  • Misrepresentation or falsified information.
  • Missed a critical deadline.
  • Missing documentation and paperwork.
  • Poor health.
  • Questionable travel history.
  • Students apply for study permits without acceptance into a Canadian college or university.

Can You File an Appeal or Request Reconsideration After a Denied Application?

An applicant may request that CIC reconsider their application if they believe that an immigration officer made a mistake. There is no fee for requesting a reconsideration. However, if the flaw was in your application or your personal history and not the officer’s review of the facts, then it is unlikely to change anything.

Alternatively, another option is to petition a judicial review or appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. These steps can be complicated or potentially costly. It is strongly recommended that you hire legal representation when considering an appeal.

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If your application has been refused or feels like it’s been delayed forever, there are ways to address the problem and potentially secure the visa you want. However, such matters can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with Canada’s immigration system.

Contact our law firm for assistance requesting reconsideration, filing an appeal, or getting your application out of a snag. Loft Immigration Services Inc has years of experience helping clients achieve their goals and move to Canada for a better life.

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