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There is no shortage of business immigration opportunities for foreigners looking to move their families and companies to Canada. One such option is the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit.

The C11 Work Permit was designed to help entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and temporary workers come to Canada. The permit aims to draw talented foreigners who can contribute significant benefits to Canada’s residents, culture, and economy.

If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed person looking to move to Canada for business, the C11 Work Permit may be an outstanding opportunity for you. However, there are many hoops to jump through and requirements to meet in order to be considered for C11 Work Permits. One false step and your entire application could be thrown out, requiring you to consider whether to start again.

Luckily, you do not have to navigate Canada’s complex immigration system alone. Loft Immigration Services Inc. has over a decade of legal experience assisting hundreds of clients with their business immigration needs. Regulated and authorized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), our firm has the knowledge to guide you in the pursuit of your goals.

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What Type of Businesses Qualify for C11 Work Permits?

While not all business types are eligible for C11 consideration, numerous others are encouraged to apply.

Eligible businesses include but are not limited to:

What Are the Basic Requirements for North York C11 Permit Consideration?

In addition to working in one of the eligible fields, an applicant must also meet the following requirements to be considered for a C11 Work Permit.

Firstly, you must establish that you have the necessary skills and work background to develop the business you are hoping to launch in North York. That, or you must purchase an existing business and either improve or maintain a successful business track record. Whether you create or purchase a business in Canada, you must own 50% or more of the business.

In your application, you must include a business plan. The immigration officers will review your business plan and decide whether it is feasible to achieve. It helps if the business plan is meaningful in some way, either culturally or economically, while also benefiting the citizens and residents of North York.

You must have some of the money and infrastructure planning in order. This may include rounding up investors, signing agreements with local suppliers, furnishing office space, contacting vendors, and making plans for the employees you’ll need to hire.

All these steps are important. Some of them may require years of hard work and can only be accomplished by the entrepreneurs themselves. However, other elements like the business plan can benefit from the assistance of our North York attorneys specializing in business immigration. The lawyers and legal staff of Loft Immigration Services, Inc. would be happy to lend our experience and knowledge as you begin the process of meeting the basic requirements for C11 Work Permit consideration.

What Does “Significant Benefit to Canada” Entail?

Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals looking to start a business in Canada are required to show that their business will have a “Significant Benefit to Canada.”

Whether your business will be of benefit to Canada is assessed by the following:

At the end of the day, the immigration officer wants to ensure three main points. Will it contribute to the advancement of a particular industry? Will it benefit Canada’s economy? Or conversely, will it have a negative impact on the national or provincial economy?

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C11 Work Permits are valuable business immigration tools for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals looking to start or buy a business in Canada. Like most things in the immigration system, however, applying for and getting approved for a C11 Work Permit is not a simple venture. There are several requirements to meet, and your business plan must be realistic and enticing to immigration officers.

Loft Immigration Services Inc can help.

Our North York based law firm has over a decade of experience helping clients just like you achieve their dreams of owning and operating businesses in Canada. We offer personalized ongoing legal support, which can save you time and money on your journey into Canadian business. Our law firm employs innovators, knowledgeable legal minds, and one of Canada’s foremost business immigration consultants. As your legal counsel, we shall always endeavor to treat you and your goals with the proper respect you deserve. We believe that integrity, transparency, and a client-first approach are necessary tenants to creating a strong and reputable law firm.

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