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While Canada strives to be welcoming to foreign nationals, it is not above detaining or deporting those the government believes have violated its laws and core values. If you have received a removal order from either the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), it is of the utmost importance that you treat these orders with the highest level of concern. The Canadian government does not issue these orders on a whim; they should not be treated as mere suggestions. If they have ordered your removal from the country, they firmly believe that you have violated the nation’s laws and are inadmissible.

Do not despair. There is legal help available to you and others facing removal proceedings.

Loft Immigration Services Inc offers services from Immigration law specialists in North York to clients in several practice areas under immigration law, including removal and deportation orders. As your legal representation, you will have access to our ongoing support, resources, and networking while we attempt to build a defense to have the removal orders dropped. If you’d like to learn more about what kind of service we offer for deportation defenses, please contact our law firm today to schedule a no-obligation free case review.

What Are the Three Types of Removal Orders?

The CBSA and CIC issue three different types of removal orders.

A Departure Order requires that you leave the country within 30 days of receiving the order. When you reach a port of exit or border crossing, you must confirm your departure with the Border Services officers there. Provided that you obey these demands, you may be allowed to return to Canada at a later date. If you do not leave within 30 days or do not confirm your departure when you do leave, the Departure Order becomes a Deportation Order. At this point, returning to Canada becomes much more difficult.

An Exclusion Order requires that you leave Canada and not return for an entire year. That one year may become five years if the Canadian government finds you guilty of misrepresentation.

A Deportation Order shall remove you from the country and permanently ban you from returning. Additionally, if CBSA paid to have you removed, then you also must repay them for their service.

If you have received a Deportation Order, you could potentially return to Canada if you obtain a legal document known as the Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). Before applying for an ARC, please consult with experienced immigration lawyers.

What Reasons Does IIRC Give for Removing Immigrants from Canada?

Generally, the most common reason for a removal order to be issued is that a foreign national overstayed their welcome and did not depart from the country after their visa expired. However, if an immigrant commits a crime, then law enforcement passes that information along to the CBSA, and it becomes their duty to deport that individual.

Criminal offenses that can lead to immediate deportation orders include but are not limited to:

What Are Possible Defenses Against Deportation?

While it is crucial that you respect the severity of your removal orders, there exists the chance that you may be able to challenge those orders with a strong legal defense. First of all, though, you must hire legal representatives capable of crafting such a defense. Our law firm has over a decade of experience helping people enter Canada and also helping those who are fighting for their right to remain in Canada. We would be proud to assist you in this legal battle for your right to remain in your chosen home in the north.

Potential defense strategies include:

Can Refugees and Permanent Residents Be Deported?

Refugees can be deported from Canada if they are found guilty of committing serious crimes. However, under Canadian law, refugees cannot be deported to the country where they fled from threat.

Permanent residents can also be deported after committing a serious crime.

Can You Return to Canada if You’ve Previously Been Deported?

Technically, yes. If you’ve been deported from Canada, you can eventually file for permission to return with an ARC.

However, obtaining an ARC is difficult, and the application processing time can be very long.

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