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The beautiful nation of Canada frequently ranks among the most sought-after countries to live in. In the ever-shifting state of the world, many companies must reassess where to focus their businesses for growth and economic stability. Canada has become a favorite spot not only for raising a family but also for establishing a business.

In recent years, several investors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners have discovered the benefits of immigrating to Canada. And while the regulations and political policies continue to change, there are nonetheless numerous immigration programs that may directly benefit inquiring businesses.

With over a decade of experience, the Loft Immigration law firm has established itself as one of Canada’s foremost immigration legal consultants. We proudly provide our clients personalized service, flat fee pricing, and ongoing support through the immigration process. Our legal team believes in going above and beyond to ensure our clients feel confident that their goals are attainable.

It is easy to feel intimidated by the nature of business immigration. But you do not need to walk this path on your own. Schedule a free case evaluation with our law firm to discuss your questions and concerns. With your initiative and drive, coupled with our legal experience and track record of success, we can work towards the most satisfying conclusion for your case.

What is Canada’s Federal Express Entry System?

If an immigrant worker has been qualified for one of Canada’s Federal Immigration Programs, they may also later qualify for permanent resident status. The country’s Federal Immigration Programs include the Skilled Worker Program, the Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class Program.

Highly skilled workers and business owners can become permanent Canadian residents after immigrating to the country on a temporary work basis. The Canadian government’s Federal Express Entry System selects high-scoring applicants from the talent pool according to the metrics laid out by the Comprehensive Ranking System. Throughout the month, the government selects its favorite applicants and offers them the chance to obtain permanent residence in the country.

A highly skilled worker may be able to obtain permanent Canadian residency within six months, provided that they submit all the necessary paperwork and their skills are valued by the government and its economy.

Loft Immigration Services, Inc. offers legal guidance to those interested in entering the Federal Express Entry pool. If you are interested in this program, please schedule your free initial consultation today.

What Are the Provincial Nominee Programs?

In addition to federal programs like the Federal Express Entry System, each Canadian province and territory has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). A PNP may provide an opportunity for business owners, senior-level executives, and company managers to immigrate to Canada.

The foreign applicant submits to the program, and the PNP weighs whether they believe the applicant could be valuable to the economy of their province or territory. Applicants who express a desire to become permanent residents of Canada and live in that province or territory will be given priority over those who do not. Each province and territory values workers of different skill levels. One province may value business owners and skilled workers, whereas the next province prioritizes a younger workforce and targets groups of students or semi-skilled workers.

Are You Interested in North York Work Permits for Executives?

There are numerous avenues by which business executives may visit Canada on a temporary basis for events, business meetings, and conferences. However, they must either become permanent residents or acquire the necessary work permits in order to do business on Canadian soil. As Canada strives to welcome new business, there are luckily many programs available to executives looking to do business in the country.

Two such opportunities include the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) work permit and the Owner/Operator Labor Market Assessment (LMIA) work permit. Both options can be useful for senior-level executives and business owners looking to immigrate and conduct business in Canada. To learn which program suits you and your needs better, contact our law offices to discuss your particular case in more detail.

What Immigration Programs Are Available to Immigrating Entrepreneurs?

In addition to welcoming skilled workers and executives, Canada also highly values foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed operators. Loft Immigration Services, Inc. can lend assistance to immigrating entrepreneurs via several legal options, including ICT, LMIA, after-sales service agreements, and Significant Benefit Applications (C11).

The Federal Start-Up Visa Program encourages foreign entrepreneurs to consider building their companies in Canada. Our law firm can assist you with making a solid application to the program with the hope of being accepted. The Start-Up Visa Program prizes entrepreneurs whose vision will create companies that compete on a global scale, thus creating countless opportunities for Canadian workers in the process. To learn more, contact our law firm today.

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Wherever you’re coming from and wherever you’re headed, immigration can be a daunting journey for most of us. And while it’s complicated enough for individuals and their families to navigate the complexities of the immigration system, those immigrating for business purposes have an additional weight on their shoulders.

Try not to let the enormity of the situation get to you. We’re here to help.

Canada is a nation that offers a high quality of life, economic opportunity, and top-notch healthcare. It is a land with a bright future and will be made all the brighter with the jobs and benefits that your business brings to its shores.

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