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Several foreign workers look to Canada in pursuit of opportunity and a safer, more enjoyable quality of life. However, to work in Canada, immigrant workers often must obtain work permits or work visas. This task is sometimes easier said than done without professional legal help. While the Canadian immigration system has no shortage of programs available to immigrating workers, the system itself remains undeniably complex. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

Canada is especially interested in bringing foreign workers into the country who might positively contribute to Canada socially, culturally, or economically. And if an immigrant hopeful does not qualify for one program, alternatives are likely available to them either through the federal government or Canadian territories and provinces.

The law firm of Loft Immigration Services Inc has abundant experience helping workers and businesses immigrate to North York. While the immigration system can feel daunting and complicated, you can trust that our legal team has the knowledge to provide the help you need. As your legal counsel, our North York Immigration lawyers and staff can help you through the application process so that you may obtain the work permit you need to cross into Canada for employment.

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What is the TFW Program?

The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program is one of the many immigration programs available through the Canadian government. This program allows employers based in Canada to hire foreign workers to fill positional needs if no Canadian workers are available.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) reviews all applications from Canadian employers requesting the right to hire foreign workers for open job positions. This review will include a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), where they assess the impact that hiring a foreigner for the job might have on the Canadian economy and labor market.

The country understandably wants Canadian jobs to go to Canadian workers first and foremost. However, if there are no qualified Canadian workers available for the job and if the LMIA shows that hiring a foreigner will not negatively impact the workforce, they may grant the Canadian employer permission to hire foreign workers temporarily.

What Goes into an LMIA?

An LMIA is required for most Canadian Work Permits. This assessment attempts to determine whether hiring a foreign worker for a Canadian job will positively or negatively affect Canada’s economy and job market. A Canadian employer hoping to hire a foreign worker wants a positive or neutral LMIA. A negative LMIA is issued when the ESDC believes that Canadian workers are available and capable of doing the job without the need for bringing in outside talent from other countries.

If granted, an LMIA may be valid for one to three years. In certain high-demand, high-paying jobs with short durations, the LMIA may be valid for as brief a period as ten days. After that ten-day period, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will again get priority for the job over a temporary foreign worker.

In addition to receiving a positive or neutral LMIA, the foreign worker must also show that they are ready and capable of performing their job duties. It is not enough to simply impress your Canadian employer – you must also impress Canada’s immigration officers.

What Are LMIA Exempt Work Permits?

An LMIA may not be required for Canadian Work Permits in certain circumstances.

LMIA Exempt Work Permits include:

What Are Open and Closed Work Permits?

Closed Work Permits allow a foreign worker to work for one specific employer. Usually, the employer offers a job to a foreign worker or seeks out foreign workers for the position. A positive LMIA is required for a Canadian employer to have permission to hire a foreign worker.

An Open Work Permit is not employer-specific and does not restrict the immigrant worker’s job opportunities to a single employer. If a foreign worker obtains an Open Work Permit, they may seek out the job opportunities they want in Canada. You do not need an LMIA or a job offer to obtain Open Work Permits.

Those who may qualify for Canada’s Open Work Permits include international students, refugees, and their family members, victims of abuse, spouses of those with study or work permits, and permanent residency applicants.

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