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Our Practices

Loft Immigration offers quality services in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner. For over a decade, we have made it our business to provide valuable immigration services to our clients. We offer immigration advice and make sure to follow through with our clients’ application processes. From filling the first form to the stage where they are welcomed by our team on Canadian soil. We will be there every step of the way. We are proud to say that we have worked hand-in-hand with our clients through their application processes and have a very high success rate.

Our services include the following:

Speedy Admission Processing

We have built solid working relationships with our affiliate schools; thus, we are able to offer prospective students a speedy application process into any of our top affiliate institutions

Immigration Application

We guide our clients through the process of visa documentation, in order to increase the chances of getting approval.

Study Permit Application

After securing admission into a Canadian institution, Loft Immigration can assist you with your study permit application. To ensure quality documentation, we work with the assistance of 4 certified Canadian Immigration Consultants and they provide our clients with useful and updated information on immigration information. If you have an admission offer, please send an email with your offer letter to to request for our visa application contract.

Visitors Visa Application

We assist our clients with documentation and application for temporary residence visa.

Academic Counseling

We offer educational counseling to all students. We explain how the Canadian education system works and we match their qualification to a suitable program. This will help them in navigating the system successfully.

Flight Booking and Chaperoning

We make flight arrangements for our clients and offer chaperoned travelling services to all of our clients who wish to take advantage of this service, giving parents the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their children/wards are being accompanied on the flight by a responsible adult.

Residence Facility

We provide residence facilities to our students studying in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Students who reside in our residence facility are closely supervised. The result – 90% of our students graduate with top grades and obtain scholarships to top Canadian Universities.

Document Renewal Support

We provide support to students throughout the duration of their studies in Canada with study permit renewals, work permit, Permanent Residence application, at a token. Send us an email at or 

Orientation and Group Tours

Upon arrival in Canada, our clients are greeted and briefed by our Canadian team in our specialized orientation program. They are equipped with tools and necessary information for a smooth transition into life in Canada.

What Clients Say

My son, Michael Emekaduome is currently studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba through Loft Education Services. Also, my son Robert has joined his brother at the University of Manitoba. I am happy with Loft Immigration because they made this possible and seamless.


Finance Analyst

I am grateful for being awarded a scholarship of $1,250.00 from BCCIE as the best international student in British Columbia, I am most grateful to Loft Education for their services and their assistance in realizing my dreams in Canada. They were always there to allay my fears, provide very strong moral support and guidance to me at their homestay in Canada. In my personal opinion.



The first time Loft Immigration processed my application for a visitor's visa, they ensured we put in the best file possible. After my application was submitted, I was given 1-year visa and I traveled to Canada in 2018. My parents were satisfied with Loft Immigration's services. This year, we came to Loft Immigration to renew our visas and within a month I was given 4 years visiting visa. Thank you, Loft Immigration.