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When foreigners imagine Canada, they often conjure up thoughts of its snowcapped mountaintops, picturesque forests, and beautiful wildlife. But Canada has long been more than its incredible natural habitats. Against the backdrop of nature, Canada has created a thriving country for its citizens and residents. From its world-class healthcare to the top-notch education system, from the low crime rates to the culturally diverse communities, from the booming economy to the robust job market, and from the affordable housing to the above average life expectancy… it is no wonder that Canada is routinely ranked among the top countries to live in for a better quality of life.

Though foreign nationals can visit Canada for business, recreation, and study for a limited time, those who wish to reside here longer will need to explore other options. The most popular choice for ex-pats considering moving to Canada is applying for a Permanent Resident Visa (or “PR Card”).

Permanent residents are granted most of the same benefits in Canada as its citizens, including access to education, jobs, and healthcare (permanent residents do not have the right to vote or hold public office). Only needing to check in with Canadian immigration officers once every five years, lawful permanent residents can remain in Canada indefinitely.

Additionally, dependent children and spouses or common-law partners will also be granted permanent residency. This will allow them to live with you, seek an education, and gain employment in Canada. Permanent residents can also start a small business or corporation. And after living in Canada for three out of five years after obtaining your PR Card, you will be allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship.

For Americans reading this, a PR Card is similar to the Green Card in the U.S.

Permanent residency is truly one of the hallmarks of Canada’s immigration system. Short of citizenship, it is frequently considered the immigration option that most foreign nationals are after, because of all the benefits it represents.

Applying for PR Cards is not always simple, however. If you wish to begin applying for permanent residency in Canada, we strongly recommend you consult our law firm for legal advice. Loft Immigration Services Inc has over a decade of experience helping immigrants such as yourself migrate to Canada for work, school, and the enjoyment of a better life.

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Who is Eligible for Permanent Residency in Canada?

Not all applicants will be determined eligible for permanent residency in Canada. However, please do not despair or automatically assume you won’t meet the requirements. You and your legal service representatives for newcomers in North York can assist you in determining the potential strength of your application.

One means by which you can tell how strong your case for a PR Card is by calculating your CRS score. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is typically employed for those looking to immigrate to Canada via the express entry application process. Still, it can be used to understand better how the Canadian immigration authorities view your application.

A perfect CRS score is 100 points, whereas the minimum score is 67. Anything below 67 will not pass. This test is used to determine the language proficiency of the applicant as well as their skilled work experience, education, age, and whether or not they will be relocating with a spouse or common-law partner. The answers to these basic factors will determine how the government views your application and whether or not they ultimately issue you a PR Card.

Can You Renew an Expired Permanent Resident Card?

A PR Card is valid for five years. However, it can be renewed.

You must meet several basic criteria to renew your expiring permanent resident documentation. Chief among them is that you must have resided in Canada for at least two of the past five years that your PR Card was active. However, if you accompany a Canadian citizen spouse outside of Canada, then those days may be counted towards your two-year minimum.

Is it Possible to Travel Without Valid Permanent Resident Cards in North York?

While it is technically possible to travel out of Canada without a PR Card, returning to Canada can be a far more difficult proposition. Your PR Card is the only identification that proves you are a resident of Canada. Thus, without it, you may not be able to prove you have any residency in Canada to speak of.

Those with expired PR Cards can file for a PR travel document if they’re traveling commercially. Once you are allowed into Canada, you must immediately renew your PR Card.

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Canada has a lot to offer those who live there, and permanent residents can enjoy many of the same wonderful benefits as Canada’s citizens. There are numerous options available to those looking to become Canadian permanent residents. As your legal representation, we will help direct you to the path most suitable for your situation and skill set.

We strongly recommend that you not attempt to obtain your PR Card without first speaking with immigration lawyers familiar with cases such as yours. The process can be long and winding, leading many applicants to exhaustion and defeat. But the legal team of Loft Immigration Services Inc brings the experience of countless past clients and years of dedicated service. With our team of lawyers in your corner, you can feel confident that your case will be well taken care of as you pursue your goals to migrate to Canada for a better opportunity.

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