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Why do so many international students consider coming to Canada to receive an education? There are a multitude of reasons. Canada offers students a world-class education and an abundance of choices in universities and colleges. The learning environment is diverse, with voices from all over the world entering the discussion and adding to the experience. And, what’s more, students are allowed to apply for permanent residence in Canada. The appeal of Canada is not solely based on the quality of education it offers students but also based on the quality of life it offers its residents. Commonly ranked among the world’s top places for life satisfaction, Canada is a land of opportunity, a solid economy, numerous job opportunities, top-notch healthcare, an above-average life expectancy, low crime rates, and affordable housing. In addition to applying for permanent residency in Canada, study permit holders can also work part-time in Canada while in school and may be eligible for student assistance programs.

Study permits are among the easier visas for foreign nationals to obtain for travel and immigration to Canada. However, that does not mean that the program is open to all or that the application process is straightforward. All matters under immigration law are subject to shift and change, and it is asking too much of a foreign student to keep up with all the changing eligibility requirements.

Loft Immigration Services, Inc. offers international students and their families the peace of mind of knowing that, so long as their study permit application is under our care, they have experienced legal minds helping them along the way.

Our highly regarded law firm dedicates itself to helping students, families, businesses, and workers immigrate to Canada for better opportunities. Just as you want to experience the benefits of living and studying in Canada, we hope to provide the benefits of entrusting your legal situation to a law firm such as ours.

To discuss your unique circumstances, please contact our law firm to schedule a zero-obligation free consultation. Our legal team would be happy to assist you and guide you in the right direction as you pursue your education in the Great White North.

What Documents Are Required for Study Permits in Canada?

Before you consider applying for a study permit in Canada, you first need a letter of acceptance from a Canadian school, college, or university. Failure to receive such an acceptance letter will, unfortunately, result in your student visa applications being denied.

If you’ve been conditionally accepted, you must take the prerequisite courses first. Applicants who receive the invitation to study in Canada based on their conditional school acceptance letter will have a shortened study permit. After being accepted into a school, they may apply for the study permit required for the length of their studies.

In addition to a letter of acceptance from a school in Canada, you will also need:

Why Do Applications for Study Visas Get Rejected?

The most common reason student permit applications are rejected is that a Canadian immigration officer does not believe the applicant will depart Canada at the end of their authorized stay.

Some people have sought to use the study permit program to legally enter Canada and stay indefinitely without legal permission. As your lawyers, we will assist you in assuring the immigration officers that you fully intend to honor the study permit’s restrictions.

What Conditions Must Be Met or Risk Losing Your Study Permit?

Failure to meet the conditions of your study permit agreement may result in your permit being withdrawn, thus forcing you to leave the country.

Study permit conditions include:

Certain study permits may come with additional conditions. These may include travel restrictions, employment restrictions, and more.

Failure to meet these conditions will mean that you must stop attending school. When the permit expires, you must leave Canada.

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