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Canada is routinely ranked at or near the top rankings of the countries with the most optimal quality of life. The country is above average in education, healthcare, life expectancy, social connections and community, job availability, income, environmental quality, and living standards. And so, knowing these things, it is natural that many foreign nationals are considering moving to North York, looking to build better lives for themselves and their families. However, as with most countries, the immigration process can be slow and tedious.

Thankfully, there is an immigration option available that can speed up the process dramatically.

This option is known as the express entry visa. Though difficult to obtain without experienced legal assistance, the express entry visa is among the fastest ways to enter Canada and quickly obtain lawful permanent residency. An extra benefit is that applicants can jointly apply with their dependents and their spouse or common-law partner, granting them all permanent residence in Canada.

There are many requirements for an express entry visa, and the application process is complex and extensive. Canada prioritizes young people who are highly educated and possess unique skills for express entry visas, believing that they may benefit Canada socially and economically for many years to come.

If you are considering applying for express entry visas, we highly recommend you schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced legal team. This type of visa is not the easiest to obtain. The application process is easier to navigate with the guidance of North York work visa immigration pofessionals in your corner. And not just any lawyers will do. Our law firm is dedicated to helping businesses, workers, and families through the immigration process, though, and we can help you feel more confident as you begin your journey to the Great White North.

Who is Qualified for Express Entry Immigration?

The qualifications for express entry visas are detailed and extensive. For a complete overview of the eligibility requirements, we recommend you speak to our law firm for a more comprehensive evaluation of your unique case. However, that being said, three major categories of immigrants may be eligible for express entry visas. Express entry applications are evaluated first by an online application system.

The application management system breaks applicants into three categories:

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) ranks candidates for express entry visas in the program’s draws. There are 1,200 points available in the CRS, and these points are awarded based on the eligibility criteria of an individual’s application.

The core components of the Comprehensive Ranking System include:

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized test used worldwide to gauge the English-language proficiency of individuals for whom English is not their first language.

Every express entry visa applicant must be tested for English-language proficiency. Points will be assigned to their applications based on their ability to read, write, speak, and listen to English-speaking persons. The higher the skill of the English language, the better the chances of a successful application.

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If you are interested in immigrating to Canada and becoming a permanent resident, applying for express entry visas may be the quickest way. The task of securing such a visa can be daunting, however, as express entry visas face many requirements, and hopeful immigrants must undergo a rigorous application process. Simply put, one should not go it alone. If you are considering applying for an express entry visa, please also consider retaining legal counsel for assistance and guidance. And if your previous application was rejected, we can offer assistance if you are contemplating filing an appeal.

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