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How long does the LMIA Application take?

One of the most asked questions is – how long does the LMIA Application take?

I want to use a simulation to explain this. I hope it answers the question appropriately.

Timeline for the Canada Immigration – LMIA Application;

Hi, here’s the timeline for the Canada Immigration – LMIA Application;

Say you begin the search for a business to buy in January. There are many choices of businesses to buy from – for example, restaurants, senior care, daycare, and lots more. The primary consideration is to ensure that the business is big enough. Big enough is not necessarily about the cost of the business but about the number of employees it has. Eligible businesses would typically have 8 to 15 employees with two or more managers on the team.

How do you find a business?

We will introduce seasoned brokers and agents to you. You can also find businesses yourself through your friends or family living in Canada. Like finding a home to buy, the more stringent your criteria, the longer the process.  Typically, you should find a business within 1-3 months of searching and allow 1-2 months for closing. The ‘find and buy business process’ can be completed by March.

Upon finding and buying the business, it will take about 4-6 weeks to put the documents together. The application and response time from the ESDC is 10 to 30 days. So, your LMIA should be approved by June.

Next, we apply for a Work Permit and Permanent Residence (in June). The work permit application processing period is usually 16 days, allowing 2 weeks for document gathering. Why apply for a work permit, you may ask? We apply for a work permit because it is faster to get one compared to a PR. You should be in Canada as quickly as possible to work your business rather than waiting in your country for 6-8 months for your PR. You and your spouse get work permits, and your children all get study permits.

So, ideally, you get your work permit in 16 days – (that’s by May). It is valid for 1 year.

Say, you arrive in Canada in July – you should get your PR after 6 to 8 months of application, meaning by November. You should get a passport request for you and your family and have your PR in hand by December.

See this video –

I hope you now understand the process and timeline.Send me an email or reach me via email, WHATSAPP, or Call 647-495-3724 if you have any questions or want to get started. Fill out our free assessment form here.

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