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CANADA – What Canada is to us | Loft Immigration

We acknowledge that you have a unique understanding of Canada. We will, however, like to add (or not) to your encyclopedia.

It is no longer news that Canada’s population is aging, and the birthrate is plunging, with average families having just 1 or 2 children or choosing to have none. This declining population has shaped Canada’s immigration policies in recent times, making it more welcoming to many Immigrants from all over the world.

Canada has made itself a preferred destination for many immigrants by ensuring its public infrastructures and social services are top-notch and highly competitive compared to other developed countries.

The following are a few reasons Canada is the number one destination for many immigrants;

We are fortunate to be welcomed with open hands by one of the best countries in the world. Like Justin Bieber said – “Canada is the best country in the world.”

But! Canada is cold! – I guess one can’t have it all, right?

Despite the cold, it ranks as the best place to live, work, do business, and raise children. For example, a few very impressive and citizen-centric gestures from the Canadian government was offering all residents and businesses that were negatively impacted by the pandemic various relief programs.

Employees and self-employed residents who lost all or part of their income were paid about $2,000 monthly – this happened for over one year. This was happening here while the almighty USA government was still shilly-shallying. Businesses impacted were also granted about $40,000 relief loan payable with no interest over a year, with $10,000 of the loan being forgivable upon repayment. The government offered some businesses rent relief, wage subsidies to their employees, and many more gestures. 

Some may argue that this isn’t much, but in my perspective, that is gravely citizen-centric.

That, and more, is what Canada is to us and many.

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