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How to get Labour market Impact Assessment or LMIA.

Every year, Canada grants more than 400,000 work permits for newcomers. The majority of these permits did not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. Nonetheless, if you need one for a Canadian work permit application, you can acquire an LMIA from an employer in Canada who chooses to hire you. Processing of LMIA is quite critical and requires nit-picking. It has lots of documentation and requirements that depend on your future Canadian employer. For this reason, we have prepared an outline for your easy understanding as you read more below.

What is an LMIA?

Let us briefly explain to you first what an LMIA is. A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a document given to Canadian employers that clearly need to hire foreign workers. This is in lieu that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are willing or can meet the job position or requirements advertised by the business. To simplify even more, an LMIA is permission from the government of Canada to hire foreign workers. Then, the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) issues the document and monitors the business following the protocols. For instance, if the employer is fairly compensating the foreign worker.

How to apply for an LMIA?

The process requires Canadian employers to find a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen to fit the job through advertising on different platforms for a specified time. Suppose the employer cannot find a local worker. In that case, they can apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TWFP) or support a candidate’s permanent residency application. The TFWP stream varies on the type of worker you want to hire, as there are occupations that do not require an LMIA. Each category also has distinct sets of requirements to complete an application. Once you receive a positive LMIA from ESDC, you can send a copy of the document to the foreign worker you wish to hire for them to proceed in applying for a Canadian work permit. If you worked on a permanent resident application, you might send a valid job offer letter to include in their application.

How long is the processing time, and how much?

Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA processing time varies on each application, which makes it fairly unpredictable. It can range from two weeks to three to six months. In recent days due to the pandemic and shortened operations, it affected the processing of applications. As a result, employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) obliged themselves to process LMIA applications within ten business days for the following classifications:

  • Applications with high-demand occupations (food processing workers)
  • Highest-paid occupations (top 10%)
  • Short-duration work period (120 days or less)

An LMIA application costs CAD 1,000 except if the application is in support of permanent residency.

Who is exempted from LMIA?

Since April 2020, Agriculture and Food Processing Workers are exempt from acquiring LMIA. This goes with applications under the International Mobility Program (IMP) that do not require an LMIA. In addition, international agreements such as the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement or CUSMA allow foreign workers to come to Canada without an LMIA.

How can we help?

As a licensed immigration consultant, Loft Immigration Services Inc. can show you and explain the process of obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment. We can also expand your options further on your way to Canada. Our distinct experience in immigration recognized by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) can help you complete the required formalities. You may fill out our free evaluation form, or you may call us at +1 (416) 492-1222. Loft Immigration Services Inc will be very eager to assist you.

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