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Why you should consider the Canada study permit pathway.

Immigrating to Canada is undoubtedly the goal of many. However, people have met stumbling walls due to Canada’s selection process. As one keeps hitting this tall and seemingly insurmountable wall, the natural thing to do is to fault the process. However, once you are on the other side, that is in Canada, you tend to appreciate the selection/screening process. Canada wants the best. When you live here, you will understand that. Living amongst the best feels fulfilling and promising. I foresee Canada being amongst the top two world powers soon. Canada is the hub of ‘brainies’ from all over the world. With that said, let me get to the main point.

Most Canada immigration programs make use of a point-based selection system, where you score points for your age, education, work experience and English proficiency. You also score points for French proficiency, a Job offer in Canada, Family in Canada, and a few other factors. As licensed immigration consultants, we often get clients who don’t seem to have the required cut-off. They are either in their 40s, have just a BSc or HND, or do not ace the IELTS test enough. So, what do you do if you are in this situation?

In this case, we usually recommend two options; one requires you to go to school while the other requires substantial investment funds.  I urge you continue reading because, in the case of the study visa, there’s an edge most aren’t aware of.

The study visa isn’t a point-based acceptance process. The main factors here are; you have valid acceptance to a recognized school, show that you have funds for tuition and living expenses, and finally, proof that you will return to your country after your study. So, what’s the edge? Firstly, I recommend you use a licensed immigration consultant who applies in Canada. Arguably, the decision-making team in your home country (e.g., Nigeria) is often more subjective than in Canada. The reason is simple – they have seen and unseen applications that can knock someone’s socks off. So, it’s natural for them to be ‘extra’ like people say. Next, using a regulated/licensed immigration consultant adds credibility to your application. You can seek more information about why you should engage a regulated Canada immigration consultant here – https://iccrc-crcic.ca/.

A question I get asked often is if one’s spouse can join the primary applicant to Canada. Yes, after you get your study visa, you apply for an open work permit for your spouse and study visa for your children. It is sufficient to add that not all cases are the same hence the need for an evaluation – fill the form below.

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Usually, once students complete their study program, they are entitled to apply for a postgraduate work permit. A few years after the work permit, applicants apply for permanent residency status.

The second option entails you being willing and able to invest funds in Canada; this includes but not limited to; buying a franchise or investing in a startup. You can get more information about business immigration on this section of our website – https://loftimmigration.com/canadian-business-immigration/

Whether you want to apply as a student or a business investor, fill this free assessment form, we will assess it and revert to you.

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