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With all of the negativity around us, we cannot avoid being skeptical with various instances. Despite this, there is still an inch of hope for all of us. People opting to migrate after seeing their countries respond to the pandemic, especially those who have long been aiming for a better future for their families. Here is why we will show you few reasons why you should move to Canada.

Canada is an enormous country with a sustainable economy

Almost all of the global markets regressed since the pandemic hit the world in 2020. Anything that goes down must come up, and Canada works well in regaining its flowering economy. There may still be lapses in certain areas, such as the unemployment rate that decreased to 13.7%.

But jobs in Canada are being recreated promptly, like in-demand professions, especially in healthcare where front liners are needed extensively. This is one of the main reasons why you should move to Canada.

Excellent Education, Free Healthcare and Food Aid 

Education in Canada knows no age. From kindergarten to postgraduate degree, the country’s education system is something you want to participate. Primary and secondary schooling is free in Canada. Stepping into college is where you need to secure your savings. Nevertheless, marvelous things have prices to pay.

Every Canadian would brag that their healthcare is, if not almost accessible, affordable and excellently serviced. It is a convenience that it is accessible to all. Also, since the pandemic has risen, Canada has made sure families with difficulties getting by will be fed or assisted, giving justice to the taxes paid. This also withstands good governance since multiple Canadians showed satisfaction with how the government handled the crisis.

Genuinely polite and friendly Canadians with a melting pot of diverse immigrants

A lot of research and survey says that Canadians are generally friendly and polite. Saying sorry by them is a habit and too familiar that a law was granted to prevent it from being taken as an admission of guilt. This makes the country so livable that many wishful immigrants are listing Canada to be their home.

With Canadians of English, Irish, French and Scottish descent, many other cultures and ethnicities like Indian, Chinese, Filipinos and Nigerians have intended Canada as their home for greater endeavor.

Canada is breathtakingly beautiful 

Canada is home to 20% of the world’s freshwater lakes. An estimate of over two million lakes is across the country. Apart from that, they are sure to be clean and clear as of Canada’s low population density throughout towns and countryside. Cities are also attractive with modern architecture and cultural diversity, which brings us to the next factor.

Flourishing Immigration

This is our main gateway on why we should move to Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced their targets for 2021-2023 with an enormous rough total of 1.2 million new permanent residents. In the first quarter of 2021, over 30,000 immigrants granted permanent residency. The numbers are overwhelming and enticing that we should take advantage of the time.

Are you convinced enough? There’s more to know and love about Canada, which is why it never fails to dedicate support for its people and still invites more people through its immigration programs. Let Loft Immigration Services Inc help you provide further information in applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency status. Book a consultation call with our licensed and experienced immigration consultants to get started.

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