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Owner/Operator Alternatives or Maybe It Just Got Better

Last April 1, 2021, the Owner/Operator stream has been detached from the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). From a discussion with Phil Mooney, the first CEO of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and a distinguished immigration consultant for 20 years, he mentioned that the Owner/Operator is not closing and is still the normal processing but just with minimal changes on the requirements. The Owner/Operator category used to let applicants apply for a work permit without advertising but the changes made from April 1, Owner/Operator now must advertise the position and perform recruitment efforts. The entrepreneur also needs to own at least 50.1% of the share of the business. For some applicants, it may have become complex and ask are there other alternatives? Let us share with you.

International Mobility Program or C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit

This is for businessmen who owns at least 50% of a Canadian business. There are some cases where the owner wishes to live out of Canada and the work permit may be exempted for an LMIA. Entrepreneurs can have a temporary residence or permanent residence varying on which their preference. Applicants for International Mobility Program need to convince that the business has a vital contribution to Canadians both socially and culturally and of course, economically.

Intra-Company Transfer

An Intra-Company Transfer work permit allows entrepreneurs who want to grow a current foreign business to Canada. This stream is mostly used by global corporations for staff movement management of their international branches. Though entrepreneurs who wish to migrate to Canada are also definitely welcome. A requirement of the business needs to pass a feasibility test showing their business plan, financial capabilities and other important business details are plausible. Also, the employees to be transferred in Canada must have been employed in the business for at least one year in a senior management position.

Start-Up Visa

In this program, there are designated institutions support or organizations willing to fund and invest in running your business in Canada. Applicant/s or owners of the business can be listed up to five people and should be actively engaged in managing the firm.

The suitable work permit for you may depend on your eligibility, your current role, where you are from and how can your business impact the Canadian economy and labour market. Other than that, most Canadian immigration programs conduct updates on their procedures and let us choose our path on which suits us best.

Do you have further questions? Or want more options? Loft Immigration Services Inc is more than willing to help you. Check your eligibility and fill out our assessment form today.

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