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Canada’s In-demand Jobs For 2021 and Onwards

The pandemic sure has brought challenges all over the world. Still, Canada remained its doors open to immigrants with little alterations on their different immigration programs. Businesses also adjusted to adapt to the situation so they can continue to perform. To regain the thriving economy, Canada pursues high demand jobs welcoming hopeful newcomers in the country.

From the Immigration plan released by the Canadian government, they set to welcome 400,000 immigrants for the years 2021 to 2023 per year. You heard that right, that is per year. Having a total of more than a million immigrants is their aim to revive the economic growth of the country. About two-thirds of Canadian employers plan to rehire workers who fell dormant from the lockdowns.

This article can help enhance your educational and work experience for you to score better on your suitable immigration program. Our list is in no particular order or in any salary basis. Below are Canada’sd indemand jobs you should consider:

Medical/Wellness/Heathcare Jobs

With the global need for medical assistance, Canada’s healthcare benefits are sure to be excellent and this is why they invest in this workforce. Nurses, Doctors, Medical Technologists, Pharmacists, Caregivers, even receptionists and maintenance role for hospitals and clinics are solely in demand and are in the line of this industry. Physical and occupational therapists are also in demand.

Information Technology/Engineers

Everything innovates now and technology runs almost like everywhere. Software or web developers, programmers, database analysts and others aligned. Computer Engineers and other types of engineers are also needed.


Since there is innovation, there is need for execution and construction people totdo the job. Heavy-duty equipment mechanics, welders, truck and bus drivers, factory workers and professionals who work in the energy and manufacturing sectors fall under here.

Agricultural Industry

Skilled workers from the agricultural sector are also in demand. From agricultural technicians, veterinarians, production managers and of course, farmers. This industry is well-focused too since Canada is self-sufficient with produce and moreover, imports quality goods all over the world.

Some other high demand jobs are from human resources and administration roles, managers, consultants, financial advisors, professors and instructors (commerce and academic positions). People from the travel and tourism industry may need to consider switching lines in the meantime as businesses in these industries are hardly hit by the pandemic.

Does your work qualification fit the in-demand jobs in Canada? or do you want to know further options? Fill out our free assessment form to distinguish your eligibility. We hope to see you in Canada soon!

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