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Canada is rich in nature’s gifts, such as pristine rainforests, charming coastlines and fascinating national parks. Its metropolitan areas are also admirable, especially to young professionals who are enjoying their work-life balance.

For growing families, a fast-paced city with costly expenses may not be top of our choices. You would consider affordable education, promising security for kids, accessibility to your work and, of course, a beautiful place to call home.

Since Canada is pretty huge and has many uninhabited areas, we sorted out cities in Canada with their best assets to help you make your decisions easier.

Best Education: OTTAWA, ONTARIO

  • Population: 999,183
  • Percentage of Families with Children: 28%
  • Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $1,003
  • Estimated Unemployment Rate: 5.1%
  • Average household income: $114,275
  • Average Price of a Home: $510,363

As the nation’s capital, Ottawa is sure to be very attractive for families to live in. You will find almost everything here. From old and modern architecture of the arts, bureaucratic centres, kid-friendly parks and outstanding universities.

Ottawa is home to some of the high-profile universities in Canada, as the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Aside from education, housing rates are still more reasonable when compared to leading cities in Canada.

Child-friendly activities are also available in the area like the Rideau Canal. It can be bombarded with boats with families in the summer months and an ice skating rink in winter.

Best of the city and the countryside: VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA

  • Population: 2,313,328
  • Percentage of Families with Children: 27%
  • Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $976.55
  • Estimated Unemployment Rate: 4.3%
  • Average household income: $93,520
  • Average Price of a Home: $1,514,621

Vancouver is the west side’s pride in Canada as it is one of the places for multi-diversity. It is a metro with a touch of small-town ambience. It is a great place to raise offspring with various options of activities for your families.

Vancouver is also abundant with employment opportunities and good educational programs. However, allot a significant budget for your accommodation as prices may be a bit high. This leads us to your next option.

Most Economical for Accommodation: BRANDON, MANITOBA

  • Population: 46,061
  • Percent of Families with Children: 27%
  • Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $738.48
  • Estimated Unemployment Rate: 4.9%
  • Average household income: $90,226
  • Average Price of a Home: $349,576

The second biggest city in Manitoba is Brandon, with a low population of close to 50,000. This place can cater for families with an outstanding public school system, plenty of work opportunities and fantastic transportation.

The average commute time in the city is about 12 minutes only, which means more time to spend with your families at home. It works like a dream, right? Brandon’s edge amongst the list is its affordable housing prices.

For the relaxed and mellow-hearted: ST JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR

  • Population: 106,172
  • Percent of Families with Children: 29%
  • Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $933.92
  • Estimated Unemployment Rate: 13.4%
  • Average household income: $99,394
  • Average Price of a Home: $433,359

Popular as the oldest city in North America, St John’s is in the Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Families can enjoy its rich culture and history as this boosts tourism in the area. When you reach downtown, relish your eyes with colourful houses sitting by the coasts with lively boats. The architecture is unique throughout Canada as they retain their antiquity.

St John’s has a tremendous laid-back setting for families since tourists visit year-round. Imagine living every day in a vacation place. With this ambience, there is sure a lot of activities for the families and employment opportunities, especially in the hospitality industry. For the urban lovers and workaholics, this may not be your suitable living space.

Highest Median Income City: CALGARY, ALBERTA

  • Population: 1,096,833
  • Percent of Families with Children: 27%
  • Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $922.82
  • Estimated Unemployment Rate: 8.0%
  • Average household income: $132,568
  • Average Price of a Home: $563,463

Like Vancouver, Calgary is home to distinct people from diverse cultures who come together in abundance. Education is highly progressive, and families can enjoy park and playgrounds, making this city kid-friendly.

Add zoos, museums and historic villages to the list. Canada’s oil industry is bountiful in Calgary; this is why probably the city is factored with the highest median income. Add people in healthcare, too.

These are just a few of the cities you can choose to live with your families. We just identified based on widespread concerns and enumerated some of the most wanted. There’s more to know and love about Canada, which is why it never fails to dedicate support for its people and still invites more people through its immigration programs.

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