Did you ever hear about the International Mobility Program (IMP)? This is another way for you to reach Canada by obtaining a temporary work permit without the need for a Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. For some applicants, LMIA has conveniences for employers and workers wherein they can take advantage of a more uncomplicated and quicker hiring process. The International Mobility Program is also known as the open work permit procedure.

With IMP, an open work permit allows an individual to work for an employer for a specific period. An open restricted permit may restrict the location or profession but not the employer.

Usually, in hiring a temporary foreign worker via IMP, the employer pays a compliance fee. But when hiring an open work permit holder, the compliance fee is not necessary. Other business streams are exempted from the fee which are non-trade agreement, research professions and humanitarian or devotional work.

international mobility program

After paying, employers should create a unique account and submit an offer of employment through the Employer Portal on the Canadian government site. Details on the offer must have information on the business nature and size, core activities and the main facts of the employment offer itself. Examples of these are education level, work experience and language skills. Scope of the work, salary and benefits has to be included too.

Once the employer accomplishes the requirements on his/her side and the temporary foreign worker arrives, there are specific guidelines to be met that are directed by immigration. If not, a penalty will be imposed.

Many of us may get confused between the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TWFP) and International Mobility Program (IMP). In further articles, we will be discussing more of these and their comparisons.

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