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Since most countries lifted some of their travel restrictions, including Canada, people who plan to immigrate can be back on track now. Or for others, they may have been moving slowly but surely. Nevertheless, we all would want a better quality of life. Leaving your comfort zone will not let you go anywhere, and changes imply challenges at first. Like moving from an old to a new house, shifting to a totally new country is not always easy. This is why we rounded up few tips for you to make a stress-free move to Canada.

1. Take your time

If you plan to move to Canada by job hunting or school searching, start giving yourself enough time to search and research. Immigration programs usually take a few to several months to process. Creating your applications early is a good start but does not guarantee a good result. Make sure you are taking your time to make the proper preparations before your application. For example, secure enough work experience and educational attainment. Once your documents are in, you can think of your actual move. But do not do anything predetermined or irreversible until you get positive confirmation from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

2. Obtain a job or college invitation

Whether you are going to study or for work, securing your finances on your move to Canada is something that can put you at ease. Even if it is not your expected job, having a position to help you sustain your expenditures when you move to Canada will make your life easier. There are many temporary jobs such as barista or uber driver that can give you enough time and adaptability in your new district. A job offer is not necessary for applying for permanent residency in Canada, but it serves good points before getting a Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR).

3. Search for a province to land where your skills are in demand

Canada is so vast that it holds the title of the longest coastline in the world. With thirteen provinces and territories, you have many regions to choose from where you can apply through provincial nomination streams. Each province and territory has its distinct commerce and different skills type varying on the industry. This is usually based on which is most extensive in the jurisdiction. For instance, Vancouver port is a large-scale Pacific freight hub. Alberta is outstanding with the oil and mining industry, and British Columbia is dominant with natural resources such as farmland.

4. Construct your budget

Your expenses in your home country are definitely not the same when you move to Canada. Your income is not the same either. But with proper budgeting and planning, prices in Canada are relatively reasonable. It won’t be ranked as best in the world for life quality if its expenses do not give justice to its services such as free education for primary and secondary and exceptional healthcare.

***an additional tip: do not make it a habit to convert your expenses to your local currency. Otherwise, convert your savings instead.

5. Work with an immigration consultant.

Let us tell it straightforward; our services are fundamental in managing your immigration application to Canada. Supervised by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Loft Immigration Services Inc provides remarkable services to support your move to Canada. Therefore, we are licensed and not fraudulent. There are over 100 different visa and immigration programs available. Our job is to evaluate which program suits your qualifications, skills, and, most importantly, personal needs.

Regardless if you want to travel, study, work or move to Canada permanently, a good immigration firm will handle the entire process on your behalf, start to finish requiring only supporting documents for your applications from you. Let us give you a stress-free move to Canada. At Loft Immigration Services Inc, find out if you can immigrate to Canada. Try out our free online assessment here – You may also contact us via WhatsApp 647-495-3724 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram – Loft Immigration Services Inc – Licensed.

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