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The International Mobility Program, also known as the C11 Entrepreneur work permit, allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers. It also does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). In addition, those who provide reciprocal benefits for Canadian citizens and permanent residents are exempt from an LMIA. Basically, the International Mobility Program has two pathways, first for entrepreneurs who want temporary entry to Canada by opening a business. The second is in the context of the entrepreneurial or self-employed permanent residence program. For entrepreneurs seeking quick entry, they need to prove that the business will generate significant economic, social and cultural benefits to Canadian residents and citizens. Elements that determine significant benefit include the viability of the business, the uniqueness of the purpose or service, the business plan, and the applicant’s skills.

Who can qualify?

Owning a business in your home country is insufficient to qualify for the International Mobility Program. To improve your chances, you need to take note that immigration officers consider the following:

  • Applicant’s history and ability to set up a bountiful career or have sufficient resources. It can also be to purchase an existing Canadian franchise and confidently make it profitable.
  • The applicant has at least a 50% share of the business in Canada.
  • You can prove that you have done enough research and preparations to establish your business in Canada. Such as secured assets and financial support.
  • As an entrepreneur, you create a feasible business plan and benefit Canada and Canadians holistically.

In addition, an organizational and location plan should include in your general business plan. This goes as well for financial reports like profit and loss projections. Favourably, you should establish a network of associates and suppliers in Canada while applying for the International Mobility Program. If you are confident that you can delicately accomplish the requirements, your chances of being granted a work permit are high.

What business types can be eligible for the International Mobility Program?

Based on studies and researches, entrepreneurs and investors who want to have a residence outside Canada quickly pass the International Mobility Program. Moreover, among those businessmen, the ones who own or plans to put up seasonal businesses even have higher success rates on their C11 work permit applications. Examples of seasonal firms are lawn care and landscaping, moving services, outdoor adventure agencies, holiday (Christmas/Halloween) retailer, chimney and attic cleaning services, etc.

Where to apply?

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) manages the International Mobility Program. Other federal government institutions include Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is different from International Mobility Program as ESDC primarily administers it.

Moreover, as a licensed immigration consultant of Canada, we can help introduce business programs. Loft Immigration Services Inc can show you further options on your pathway to Canada other than the International Mobility Program. Our distinct experience in immigration recognized by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) can help you complete the required formalities. You may fill out our free evaluation form through this link, or you may call us at 647-495-3724. Loft Immigration Services Inc will be very eager to assist you.

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