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The True North is undeniably cold in winter, but Canadians will always greet you with a warm welcome. Sure, you will experience homesickness, and you will miss your mom’s cooking; let me tell you that you are not alone. With a large number of immigrants, everyone must have felt as you do. We all just have different ways of adjusting to a new environment and culture. This is especially when moving to a new country that is different for you. So allow us to share with you some tips on how to survive in Canada as a newcomer.

Explore your area or neighbourhood

With widely known polite citizens, try immersing yourself in your local community. Get to know your neighbours; there is a huge chance that some of them are immigrants too. Do not be afraid to ask questions and start a conversation. If you quickly get along with anyone, you can ask them how they were able to survive in Canada. Who knows, they might even give you a plant as a traditional housewarming gift or a casserole or a pie. Other people, you can talk to our staff in local cafes or shops. If you have children, get along with other parents at the park or school gates. This is also a way to enhance your English skills if you are not confident with them.

Integrate yourself with communities 

Nation groups are not new in Canada, and they sure have more tips for you on how to survive in Canada as a newcomer. Indians, Chinese, Filipinos and Nigerians are some of the top sources of immigrants in Canada. Expand your connections through a quick online search or at local bulletin boards. Different groups exist, from business groups to sports clubs, religious organizations to music bands, and book clubs to fan clubs and many others. It will all depend on your interest and how comfortable you are with people. Going out will decrease your time thinking alone, especially if you arrive independently and with no connections or relatives in Canada.

Take hobby classes or an evening class

Enrol in a hobby that interests you. It is fun to meet new people while having fun in an extra hobby class or evening class after work. For example, take a cooking class, yoga, pottery, painting, dancing, swimming, stock trading, etc. This can divert your attention when feeling melancholy. Moreover, it is an excellent way to know some compatible or like-minded persons.

Do volunteer work

Aside from meeting new people, you get to do good deeds by helping others by volunteering. It offers a relaxing feel after a tiring day, knowing you were able to help people in your little way. It simply extends your aid with people trying to survive in Canada too. Some organizations always need assistance like fundraising, Red Cross groups, blood donation drives, animal shelters, food distributions, and so on. You can find available opportunities on the Volunteer Canada website or even by word of mouth from co-workers or neighbours.

It is terrifying to move to a new place you are not used to. An entirely fresh start on your journey to Canada may not be as easy as you imagine. Cope with and manage your homesickness; this will make you survive in Canada and let you enjoy it too. You have long dreamed of it, so make it all worthwhile. Let Loft Immigration Services Inc help you provide further information in applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency status. Please contact us via telephone at 647-495-3724 or visit our website at Follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram – Loft Immigration Services Inc – Licensed.

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