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Canada launches a new project to hasten Nigerian Study Permit.

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Canada launches a new project to hasten Nigerian Study Permit.

The total amount of international students applying from Nigeria who plan on studying in Canada continually increases every year, and to this end, Canada is developing a new pilot program focused on assisting interested students to expedite the study permit application process.

Canada forges ahead to create an affiliation with a Nigerian Educational Body focused on the International education system called “The Nigeria Student Express” (NSE). Now, this pilot is for Nigerians who have been accepted to a Canadian post-secondary institution, according to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

Eligible candidates need to have been accepted to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree program, or a post-graduate diploma course.

Canada schemes to curb the Nigerian Study permit processing to 20days through the NSE.

The Nigeria Student Express is an initiative developed in the Nigerian Visa Office in Lagos whose sole aim is to improve processing times for study permit applicants in Nigeria who are planning to study at the university level in Canada,” IRCC said in a tweet, “It was introduced to prospective students and their parents at EduCanada fairs in Abuja and Lagos in January 2020.

In the just-concluded EduCanadaFair conducted in Lagos in January 2020, we witnessed the Acting High Commissioner, Paul Gibbard join Canadian Universities and colleges to open the 2020 EduCanada Fair in Abuja, Nigeria.

These smart fairs are dedicated to helping students discover the numerous educational opportunities available in Canada. Nigeria Student Express has some relatable features as the Student Direct Stream (SDS), which also fosters a 20-day processing standard for study permit applicants. However, NSE is solely focused on Nigerian applicants who have been accepted to degree programs or post-graduate studies at a Canadian designated learning institution.

“Mybank” Helps solve Proof of Funds hassles.

“With the help of the NSE, qualified students who have received admission for a Bachelor, Master’s or Ph.D. degree program, or other graduate-level studies, at a Canadian designated learning institution may apply using a secure financial verification system, MyBank, to show that they have sufficient funds for their studies in Canada. 

There is no doubt that Nigerian immigration to Canada has continued to skyrocket in recent years. Nigerians ranked fourth in the hierarchy of most represented nationality in Canada in 2019 among other permanent residents. 2019 witnessed a total of about 11,985 study permit holders who were from Nigeria, and that goes to show that a substantial amount of Nigerians choose Canada as the best place to further their studies. 

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