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Since February 1, 2021, Pearson International Airport (Toronto – Airport Code: YYZ) requires international travellers arriving to take a mandatory COVID-19 test.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the gradual easing of travel restrictions in Canada would be aimed at fully vaccinated travellers. But a timeline is not yet available for untangling pandemic protocols. “The steps that will be taken to ease border measures at the right time will be science-based and will be based on the fact that when people have [received] both doses of the vaccine, they are more highly protected and less at risk of transmitting COVID-19 and finding themselves in our health-care system,” he announced to the reporters in Ottawa last Tuesday. Earlier this week, Mr. Trudeau directed Ottawa to take a phased approach in welcoming foreign visitors as restrictions loosen. Covid case counts are also a factor in deciding on this matter.

Restrictions on non-essential travel and direct flights to/from certain countries like India, UK and Pakistan lasted for more than a year. Additionally, further conditions like mandatory hotel quarantines tightened travel guidelines earlier in 2021.

Trudeau mentioned he expects positive interest from overseas visitors to come to Canada the easing of travel restrictions is being executed. Moreover, individuals who receive the vaccine are somehow picking up, and cases are eventually doing better. The Prime Minister told the reporters that science shows the importance of a booster shot and that considering the effect of providing an incentive will encourage Canadians to get their second dose.

A reporter asked Mr. Trudeau to comment on a statement from Niagara Falls mayor that he has been told by Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, the eventual reopening of the border will start June 22 for those who are double-vaccinated if vaccination rates continue to rise. He did not confirm nor deny the statement. “We have no announcements to make today. The 21st of every month is the date on which the measures we’ve had for many months between Canada and the United States get rolled over, or not,” he said. Mr. Trudeau mentioned that Canada is still working with epidemiological experts and the United States on a plan. “When there are announcements to make, you can be sure we will be making them.”

Does this mean our future looks bright? Is it time for us to travel again and do our usual activities with the easing of travel restrictions? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not give an exact confirmation on it. Nevertheless, we are indeed looking forward to how they will control the pandemic by the eventual easing of travel restrictions. Other than that, immigration processing is still operating but with limitations due to controlled operations.

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