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Is it true that Canada is attractive to the people of Nigeria?

According to a statistical study in 2019, Nigeria ranked 4th among countries or nationalities as permanent resident arrivals. The United States overtook Nigeria last year, making it 5th in the spot, which still is relatively reasonable. Citizens of Nigeria arriving in Canada have tripled within five years in search of a better quality of life.

Other nations, along with Nigeria in the statistics that remained their leading ranks are India, which remains top 1 followed by China. Philippines ranked 3rd and the US surprisingly in the fourth spot. Like with the competence of the listed countries, Nigeria has a significant advantage in Canada’s immigration system due to their exceptional English language aptitude. This holds a significant factor in Canada’s Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Programs and others.

The Africa Polling Institute said few reasons why Nigerians want to immigrate are the delicate economy, elevated insecurity and unsatisfactory administration of the government.

Business Solutions

Even though immigrants from the top countries struggle to migrate, there are still people who tend to save or have ample funds for investment, especially with Nigerians. Since many individuals lost their jobs from the pandemic, most people turned to business as their solution to keep up with the situation. In return, Canada is welcoming immigrants through business programs that can fast track applications for permanent residency. Owner/Operator ProgramInternational Mobility Program (C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit), Start-Up Visa and others are a few of the business permits eligible for Nigerians.

Economic Programs under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot ProgramCaregiverAgri-Food Pilot, Canadian Experience Class, Skilled Worker and Trade are among the top categories where Nigerians became new permanent residents.

Canada’s cold weather

I guess the cold bothers the people of Nigeria as it reported to be the thing that highly worries hopeful immigrants. Since Nigeria enjoys a tropical climate, moving to the Great White North can be a challenge.

Nevertheless, most Nigerians still consider Canada to be a top destination for their better future. Adapting to the weather is already easy especially when you have Nigerian communities or groups supporting their fellow.

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