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With an increasing unemployment rate around the world, this opens opportunities for people like you to start with businesses rather than working for others. You’re the boss! Sounds good, right? Canada continues to support not only Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The country encourages business owners from overseas as well through Canadian business programs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the $82 Billion Economic Response Plan to the Covid-19 pandemic. From this, $27 billion is allotted to Canadian businesses and workers to ease the stress brought financially.  Isn’t this an excellent environment to start your endeavour? We are delighted to share some neat information about successful business industries in Canada. Review and look over our list, which fits your interest.

Food and Agriculture Industry

This could be a grocery store, bakery, fast-food chain or even your own restaurant, food is undeniably essential. Businesses under food production or retail still continue to operate, and the pandemic can’t stop them. Unlike with leisure and other types of companies that are halted to operate during lockdowns, the food business is always a good choice. Other than that, the agri-food sector in Canada is one of the largest and profitable industries responsible for the $49 billion Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Additionally, due to its wide scope and options for business type, it opens doors to jobs for other individuals. Examples are farmworkers, butchers, logistics, production staff and the list goes on. It is a win-win situation.


Like food, pharmacies and medical supplies are part of the successful business industries in Canada that can operate even with the pandemic. What are we saying here? They will not close even at this season because people need food and medicine for survival. It is somehow a competitive market as you will be bumping into business giants in this field, but let us tell you a little secret. Profits on medicine, especially generics, are genuinely successful. Although, still consider your location, population and market analysis. How will you earn if your business is in a remote area? Think of those chances.


This includes professional, scientific and technical services. The digital age has reached so many innovations in the way we manage our businesses. Online shopping, transportation apps, freight services, financial analysts, virtual assistants, and many others have adapted to keep their businesses in the light. Online companies are also sprouting as most rely on online transactions. It is a great option as it produces steady source and lucrative business investments. Canada supports quality and cutting-edge businesses that are modern and savvy because this solely means the country is leading. It keeps up with the revolutionary changes around the world.

Child daycare and senior homes

House helps, and nannies are pretty expensive in Canada. Families resort to daycare facilities instead of their children during the parents’ work hours. On the other hand, elder Canadians are primarily enrolled in senior homes where caregivers are highly in demand as well. This is because of the ageing population as they say. It goes as well with the economic demographics demand of the study visa and worker stream immigration programs of Canada.

Real estate

Since immigration in Canada is exceptionally growing, many house hunters are on the loose. Buying houses, condos, apartments, office spaces, even businesses sold on real estate are continuing to flourish. Commissions here are there are too.

According to Statistics Canada, immigrant-owned businesses tend to produce more occupations in Canada. Businesses mentioned above are not guaranteed to come through, but these are ideas that can help you learn the economic demands of Canada. With a bulls-eye business plan, adequately studied market and location, your business will surely reap bountiful seeds in Canada. It is important to know your business or the origin of the enterprise you are getting into. Small entities in Canada contribute almost 38.4% of the country’s GDP. This is proof that business immigration to Canada is effective and highly preferred.

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