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Canada Business Immigration – Know Your Options

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When you want to immigrate to Canada, you could potentially choose between federal options and provincial options. Business people are no exception. So let’s take a quick look at Canada business immigration options available options to business people on federal programs and those available on their provincial programs on their federal programs. We have two major options for business people. One option is called self-employed class, which is dedicated to self-employed or work class athletes and artists. And we also have another option called startup visa, which is available to innovative people who receive approval from a designated organization by the immigration authorities under these programs. If you get approved, you can immigrate to Canada in 2021. The government of Canada intends to accept a thousand immigrants on their federal business programs.

A thousand immigrants mean that roughly 400 to 500 applications will be approved under these programs. Unfortunately, the federal government has no option available to investors. In other words, if you’re thinking about passive investment in Canada and becoming an immigrant, unfortunately, there is no option available to you. Suppose you do not qualify for self-employed class or startup visa programs. In that case, you could also consider alternative options under federal programs.

An example would be IMPC 11, a work permit option available to job creators and entrepreneurs. If you apply on the IMPC 11, you will receive a work permit with that work permit. In addition, you can come to Canada and work in Canada and eventually immigrate to Canada under programs, such as express entry. What about provincial options? When you immigrate under a provincial option or a PNP program, the expectation is that you will land and live in a specific province of Canada.

We can divide provincial options into three major groups. The first group is direct immigration to Canada. This means that you show your expression of interest to the province; they will invite you to apply when you apply, and you submit your documents. If they approve you, you have to post a good faith deposit of a hundred thousand dollars. Then, the government of the province will issue a certificate of nomination. With the help of that certificate of nomination, you will eventually become a permanent resident of Canada. If you move to the province and live there and work there and follow all the promises you give to the province, you will eventually receive your $100,000 back; otherwise, you will not receive your money back. Currently, the only province of Canada that offers this option is New Brunswick. In 2021, we expect this to continue like that. However, maybe based on the changes in the policy, New Brunswick will stop accepting immigrants this way or exceptionally. We’ll see other provinces will also follow suit and use the same system.

The other option would be the Work Permit option. Under this option, basically, you show your expression of interest (EOI), you submit the documents to the immigration authorities of the province if they are convinced they won’t ask for a good faith deposit. Still, they will issue you a letter for a work permit. You submit an application for a work permit with the help of that letter, and you will receive a work permit, your spouse or common-law partner receives an open work permit, and your dependent children may also accompany you to Canada. The whole family comes to Canada. You start working in Canada. You have a time limit, usually between 20 months to 24 months, to fulfill all the promises you gave to the province. If they are convinced, they will issue a certificate of nomination. With the help of that certificate of nomination, you apply for permanent residence, and you become a permanent resident of Canada. These provinces and territories of Canada offer this system, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

The third major option for business people is immigration to the province of Quebec. Quebec offers three major options for business people. One option is for entrepreneurs, while the other option is for investors. Yes, you heard me right, investors, which means passive investment. And another option is for self-employed people.

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