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Finally, they confirmed it and officially by a study, Canada is the best country in the world. Canada ranked first place in the released 2021 Best Countries Report by US News &World Report. It is the first time the country claimed the top spot from being second and third in 2020 and 2019, respectively. Being a runner-up from the recent years must have paid it through as the number one for this year. Out of 78 countries, Canada overtook Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. Completing the top six in the United States. The ranking evaluates the global performance of the countries based on specific criteria – AdventureAgilityBusiness-OpennessCultural InfluenceEntrepreneurshipHeritageMoversSocial Justice and overall Quality of Life.

Canada received impressive standings for Quality of Life. It comprises political and economic stability, public safety and a great job market. Another criterion where Canada stood out is Social Justice or Social Purpose. This inclines racial and gender equity, religious freedom, and human and animal rights.

With Agility, Business-Openness and Entrepreneurship, Canada also obtained high ranks leading it as the best country in the world. A survey of more than 17,000 people helped determine the assessment of the best country in the world. Participants of the study were “broadly representatives of the global population, with an emphasis on those who would deem the topic and findings most relevant to their lives.”

“The 2021 Best Countries analysis combines data and storytelling to explore how countries compare on a host of global issues,” said Kim Castro, editor and chief content officer at U.S. News. “Nations are impacted on many critical fronts by how they are perceived globally – from foreign relations to international business to tourism. These perceptions are ever-evolving in a rapidly changing world.” The analysis used in the study is data and anecdotal evidence to assess how the best country in the world compares on several different global issues, such as racial equity and corruption. The report mentioned that Canada is “perceived as having a good job market, pays attention to human rights and is committed to social justice.” Moreover, see the top 10 list as follows:

  1. Canada
  2. Japan
  3. Germany
  4. Switzerland
  5. Australia
  6. United States
  7. New Zealand
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Sweden
  10. Netherlands

Other factors or key themes of the study led to women seen as influential leaders. For example, the majority of the respondents viewed that countries that women-led tend to be better managed, as seen in the crisis the world is passing through.

Are you convinced enough to immigrate to Canada? The study says it all. With all the overall aspects, Canada indeed leads and is the best country in the world. At Loft Immigration Services Inc, find out if you can immigrate to Canada and which program suits your credentials on our free online assessment here – You may also contact us via WhatsApp 647-495-3724 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram – Loft Immigration Services Inc – Licensed.

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