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Another Great Reason to Relocate to Canada

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I couldn’t be more blunt. You know Canada immigration is an option for you and your kids but you keep deferring your application start date. Last year was a possibility but you moved it to this year.

Canada is still welcoming new immigrants, but as we all know, it will end soon. My friend Tunji and his family made it to Canada in December last year. He started his application in May and relocated in December. Guess what? Tunji and his wife got a $2000 COVID- 19 relief each, his kids also got $300 each added to the $600 each they already earn as child benefit. Now tell me, isn’t this the right country? There are looters and there are caring governments. You know what they say ‘trying time make strong men’. Yeah, strong men are made when they make strong decisions and take strong actions. One question your kids will throw at you in a few years is – when many where moving legally to Canada…wetin you do Sir/Ma?

Sadly, I get calls from people (some who I’ve advised to begin this relocation exercise) about how they need cash to make it through this season. Certainly, no one here is asking the same because they have relief packages from the government, churches, NGOs etc. Canadian residents are fine, we are just observing a prolonged holiday. Am I poking you? Perhaps you dislike it. Well as long as you act, then great. The truth they say hurts.

Wait a minute, future Canadian residents, let me address some smart-wannabes who jump on the comment sections saying ‘who will fix Nigeria when people leave’. The answer is YOU! Yes you, sir/ma. Please stay and fix it. We will support you with prayers.

Back to you my dear, don’t get it twisted, the earth is yours. Even animals and plants reposition for the better. Animals migrate hundreds of kilometers from drought to place of abundance. Plants move towards the sun (photosynthesis – I still remember biology). A brief question – What is your government doing for its citizens in this Covid-19 season? If times like this don’t wake you up, you will be sleeping till infinity. Times like this are when leaders rise up and make sacrifices. But for them, NO! It is time to fatten up. My grandparents complained, so did my parents. For me, that was enough lesson, I needed no laying hands on me to pick the message. When I read the bible, words that pop for me is ‘…. The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof….’ What do you see? Some see ‘….. it shall be well…’

Please I urge you all to make better plans for your kids future and get started as soon as possible … I am having a lot to share about the benefits of staying in Canada beyond this but I would stop here. Below is an evidence of the palliative sent by the Canadian government deposited directly to Tunji’s bank account.  At times of need and frenzy, you clearly see who’s got our backs.

So, you may ask how did I make it to Canada. My spouse and I wrote the IELTS exam and we contacted a recommended immigration firm who helped us. Mary Jane a rep. at the firm – Loft Immigration Services Inc was indeed very helpful; she took us through all we needed to know, gave us study packs for the IELTS exam and assigned a Case Manager to us. They were spot on. It was the same firm I recommended to Tunji and he engaged them.

Remember you must pass the IELTS exam, if you don’t, your chances are slim. However, I hear there are options for people with low IELTS too, but ask her.

Thanks, Loft Immigration Services Inc for all. MJ, I know my memoir above sounds assertive but let it fly. People need to Wake Up!! Victoria Acerta!!

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